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October 18, 2021

Meeting Recording

A recording of Today’s Meeting can be found here:

President's Comments

President Adrian congratulated Lumi Mironescu on her recognition as being named to the Wealth Professional 5 Star Leading Women in Wealth list!
Adrian also acknowledged Martin Jones for the support he and his wide Diane are providing to a new Syrian refuge family.  The family needed a location to self-isolate for 14 days upon arriving in the region so Martin and Diane went to their cottage and allowed the family to stay in their home.
Thanks were extended to Marissa Watkin and Bryn Jones for their work on the 5 club Membership Committee and their recent article in the Kitchener Record. Click here for a link to the article. 
World Polio Day is on October 24 and we were able to view a video message from RI President Shekha Mehta about the work we have done in eradicating Polio.  The video can be seen at this link


Josh Graham, guest of Louise Graham
Boyd Pendleton, guest of Adrian DeCoo

Happy Jar

Past-President Louise is quite happy that her daughter’s wedding will finally be able to take place after a few postponements due to COVID.
Erin Way was pleased to be able to get away for a few days into the real world with Partner Sean to the Pentanguishene area.  They visited a haunted house called The Beach House and explored the Pumpkin Inferno which included a second haunted house.
Neil Swayze was happy that his sister-in-law is able to visit from Saskatoon for a month and spend time with family.
Shawky Fahel was also happy to have three sisters-in-law visiting and having time with the extended family.
Jim Brown is sad that they have had to close up the cottage for the season but is quite happy that Liverpool won their last game 5 nil and is even more ecstatic that Manchester United lost their last game.
Lumi Mironescu is pleased and happy with her recent recognition but is also very delighted that her daughter won her dance competition in Toronto last week.

Club Announcements

Past-President Louise let the members know that the Women-In-Rotary group continues to meet on a monthly basis to learn more about Rotary and each other.
Bryn Jones announced that the 5-club Membership Committee is working with KidsAbility to provide some much needed maintenance of their Sensory Garden.  The first phase of cleaning up the area will occur this coming Saturday.  An invitation will be sent to all members with more details and an opportunity to sign up.
Paul Rostrup informed the members that our Car Lottery is progressing well and that additonal information will be available soon on how members can engage former corporate sponsors in our new format.  He also let us know that the second Catch The Ace is also moving ahead.  All of the necessary applications and documents have been submitted and we should be hearing soon as to when it will begin.
Peter Gray reminded members of our Trail Clean Up next Monday.  A reminder email will also be sent.
Neil Swayze updated everyone on our Online Auction Fundraiser.  Our sign distribution will be this coming Saturday, October 23.  All members are asked to come and pick up 2 or 3 signs to display at their home or place of business.  In addition we need several members to take about 10 signs each to erect in various areas throughout the region.  The sign-up email will be resent for those who missed the first one.  We know have just over 50 items donated for the auction but many more are needed.  Please continue to solicit items and let anyone on the committee know if you need assistance.

Special Recognitions / Presentations

Today we were excited to induct two new members of the club – Boyd Pendleton, sponsored by President Adrian and Josh Graham, sponsored by Past President Louise.

Josh Graham - The Region of Waterloo
Supervisor, Corridor Management (Transportation Engineering)
Josh is a husband to a beautiful, supporting wife and a new father to the cutest little boy on the planet.  He is very fortunate to have a life where he can do what he loves as a career and contribute to a beautiful community in the Waterloo Region.  He was born and raised in Kitchener but had an opportunity to work on engineering projects in New York City, where he lived for about five years.
Missing home tremendously, he moved back to begin a career in transportation at the Region of Waterloo.  During his employment with the Region, he was ecstatic to be selected to participate in the construction of Stage One ION Rapid Transit as a project manager.  This experience gave him a greater sense of the importance of community and how transportation is essential in connecting all of us.  He feels great pride in contributing to his neighbourhood daily, where he feels he is making a difference.  He is constantly looking for new experiences and enjoys meeting new people and helping others.
His wife’s aunt, Tracy Curtis-McGrath, is very active in the Guelph Rotary, and he often heard about the activities she is involved with.  He believe Rotary will allow him to contribute to a community that has given him so much.  He also thinks Rotary will provide him with a greater sense of connection to the community and satisfaction in giving back what he can.
Josh loves to read about current events, politics and history.  He has a strong interest in the outdoors and enjoys camping and hiking with his wife, son and golden retriever (Newman).  He also enjoy watching Formula One racing and anything technology.
Boyd Pendleton – President Lotowater
P. Geology, Hydrologist
Boyd is a US citizen who grew up in Southern California and attended the University of Arizona in Tucson where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Hydrogeology.  He met his wife Colleen Dietrich when she was working for her long-time Waterloo employer, Conestoga Rovers (now GHD) on a temporary assignment in Tucson Arizona.  He moved to Waterloo in 2000 with Colleen where he worked as a hydrogeologist for a local consulting firm before he joined Lotowater in Paris Ontario in 2003.  He is currently an Ontario professional Geologist and principal owner at Lotowater where he works with municipal and industrial clients building and maintaining their municipal and industrial water well systems.
Boyd and Colleen have raised two children in Waterloo.  Their daughter Sydney currently attends Queens University in Kingston while their son attends St David’s high school in Waterloo.  Boyd and Colleen have been active volunteers and coaches with their children’s sporting activities including Rep hockey and baseball and spent many weekends at hockey rinks and baseball diamonds over the last 15 years.  
Boyd is an avid multi-disciplined cyclist.  You may see Boyd riding one of his bikes to the St Jacobs farmers Market, on a rural road with his cycling club buddies or riding the local mountain bike trails like the Hydro-cut.  He enjoys riding and supporting the cycling in Waterloo.
Boyd feels fortunate to have found a community like Waterloo to raise his family and is looking for a way to give back and try to make Waterloo an even better place to live and work.  This interest in giving back, and making the community better, as well as the impromptu encouraging conversations with his neighbor, Adrian DeCoo, has spiked his interest in Rotary.  He also has some direct knowledge of the impacts that Rotary has on the community as his niece (Rene Ruppe) is a KidsAbility graduate while his sister-in-law (Bernie Ruppe) is a long-term KidsAbility EA.   Boyd also has interest, and knowledge, in Hydro Philanthropy and bringing clean water to less fortunate communities in Canada and abroad.

Program Highlights

Our program today was a Who Am I presented jointly by our newest Corporate Members, Betty Bax and Paul McIntyre Royston.  Paul began by providing some background information on the Grand River Hospital Foundation.
Their Mission:
To rally every member of our communities to ensure world class health care right here.
Some Interesting Numbers and Facts:
  • The Grand River hospital service area includes over 1,000,000 residents
  • They care for 250,000+ people a year
  • The care is provided over 7 locations
  • They have a staff/team of 5,000
  • On average, 12 babies are born at the hospital each day
  • It is one of the top 3 Cancer Care Centres in Ontario
  • It had the Most Improved ED Wait Time in Ontario in 20/21
  • Last year 18,469 people supported the Foundation
A Shared Approach:
Led by Ron Gagnon and Lee Fairclough respectively, Grand River and St. Mary’s General Hospitals are proud partners in providing excellent health care for this community.  Combined the hospitals house 814 beds, 665 of which are across Grand River’s seven sites.
The hospitals share medical leaders and have a global budget for acute care.  The Hospitals have been key leaders in driving forward the creation of the KW4 Ontario Health Team last year.  This partnership has been transformative and profound over the last decade.  The two hospitals are embarking on a joint facility renewal to deliver enduring world-class care that meets the future needs of our community, that builds on their individual legacies and harnesses the innovation and engagement for which Waterloo Region is known.
Next we heard  a bit about each of Betty and Paul.
Following a brief stint in Alberta, Betty returned, and has lived in, KW for more than 30 years - not counting the years as a student at the University of Waterloo.  She has worked at both Universities in various roles within the advancement and fundraising field before moving to the Grand River Hospital Foundation in a philanthropy role in August 2019.  Prior to Grand River, she was with the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University for just shy of 8 years.
Betty has 2 “launched” children living and working in Toronto and is married to a fellow UW alum.  You can ask her questions about knitting and harness racing - but she's most likely to want to talk about places you have travelled.
Paul (PMR)
Starting with Grand River Hospital Foundation as CEO just before the pandemic, PMR has worked with our community and the Foundation team to raise more than $20M so far.  Just before the Hospital, he was the Canadian Olympic Foundation CEO, supporting team Canada in PyeongChang.
For the previous 7 years, PMR had the privilege to reinvent how people view libraries philanthropically while growing the Calgary Public Library Foundation to more than $300,000,000 raised in public and private support.  His transformational work at the library and its foundation led to PMR being named one of the Top 40 under 40 in Calgary in 2015.  Paul served as Rotarian for 3 years at the Rotary Club of Calgary.
PMR grew up in KW and is delighted to have come back home with his wife Christine and 5 daughters.  When he isn't contributing to building a world class health care system in our community, Paul can be found biking the trails with his family or planning out his next entrepreneurial venture.
Contact Information:
For more information on the Grand River Hospital Foundation contact them through:
Betty Bax –
Paul McIntyre Royston –

Closing Remarks & Reminders

President Adrian reminded members that there is no lunch meeting next week as we will be meeting in the afternoon for the trail clean-up. As well, the Online Auction sign distribution is planned for Saturday and members are remined to reply to the sign-up on Clubrunne. Lastly, all members are asked to help with the Car Lottery by sharing information and asking their contacts to purchase tickets.
Oct 18, 2021 12:00 PM
Who Am I's Betty Bax, Paul McIntyre Royston / New member induction Boyd Pendleton & Josh Graham
Oct 19, 2021
Committee Meetings to be Scheduled by Committee Chairs
Oct 23, 2021 9:00 AM
PSI - Hubert Singh's office/warehouse
Oct 25, 2021 4:00 PM
Stanley Park, Kitchener
Nov 01, 2021 12:00 PM
Speaker Series - Indigenous Peoples - Land Acknowledgement
Nov 08, 2021 12:00 PM
The Lost Identity of Henry Norwest: A Cree Family's Story of Remembrance and Resiliency in War
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