Kitchener Rotary


August 30, 2021

Meeting Recording

A recording of Today’s Meeting can be found here.

President's Comments

President Adrian welcomed everyone to our 8th meeting of our 100th year.  He read a passage from our 75th Anniversary book that talked about, how, in 1936 we had members of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Syracuse Hockey Team attend a club meeting as they were in town for training.


Boyd Pendleton, guest of Adrian DeCoo

Happy Jar

Louise Gardiner is very happy that after 18 months of not being able to do so they were able to have a full family Sunday dinner last weekend.
Carl Zehr is delighted that he recently had the best golf game of his life but is also worried about the impact this will have on his handicap and expectations for future play!

Club Announcements

It's week 50 of Catch the Ace KW and Marg Azevedo of Kitchener picked card #34 winning the weekly prize of $8,082 and when the card was revealed as the Ace of Spaces, Marg also won the Jackpot of $89,918, resulting in a total payout of $98,000. Congratulations to our winner!
With this win, our first Catch the Ace lottery is concluded. We extend a big thank you to all the Rotarians, friends and family members of Rotarians and the many members of the community here and around Ontario who have got on board to support Catch the Ace KW. Final details will be available soon on the net proceeds that will be distributed to the three beneficiaries.
We are working on Lottery #2 and are excited to announce that we are planning to start with a guaranteed progressive prize of $9,999. More news in the coming days.
Committee chair, Paul Rostrup thanked everyone for helping to make Catch the Ace a success!
Dave Chatson provided some additional information with regard to our online Car Lottery that will begin on September 7
  • YES -  we will address Corporate Sponsors
  • YES -  we will have information for member email-out lists
More information will be sent to members in the coming week.

Notice to Members

The Board has approved the membership applications, for regular membership in the club, of the following individuals:
Tasreen Charania in the Classification of Educational Administration
511 Chancery Lane, Waterloo
Sponsored by Hubert Singh
Karim Sallaudin Karin in the Classification of Education – Post Secondary
511 Chancery Lane, Waterloo
Sponsored by Hubert Singh
Boyd Pendleton in the Classification of Hydrology Engineering
585 Sugarbush Drive, Waterloo
Sponsored by Adrian DeCoo
Any member with objection to these membership applications should indicate so, with the reason for their objection, in writing to the club secretary, Bill Proctor no later than Thursday, September 9.

Program Highlights

Our program today was the kick off to our annual Online Auction fundraiser, presented by committee chair Neil Swayze.
Our profits have increased steadily over the years:
  • 2015/16           $6,410
  • 2016/17           $7,165
  • 2017/18           $8,411
  • 2018/19           $12,974
  • 2019/20           $18,100
  • 2020/21           $21,029
We want to continue this growth and have set a goal of a net profit of $22,200 for this year.
To achieve this we want to match or exceed our sponsorships from last year (10 sponsors for a total of $3,500).  The major factor in our success will, again, depend on every member bringing in a minimum of $500 in sponsors or products.  Member participation was high last year and we need to have it continue.
Sources for Sponsors include:
  • Employer
  • Major businesses you frequent or have used recently . . .
    • Major Appliance Dealers
    • Home Renovations / New Roof
    • Lawn / Garden Service
    • Doctor / Dentist / Lawyer / Insurance Broker
    • Car Dealership
    • Golf Clubs
  • Yourself / Friends / Family
Sources for products include:
  • Employer
  • Retail outlets where you, or your spouse/partner, do regular business and are known to clerks/owner/manager
  • Restaurants, Theatres  you frequent
  • New retail businesses or services looking to establish themselves in the area
  • Cold Calls
  • Personal Donation (you can get a tax receipt)
The following are High Return items for which we earn close to, or equal to the face value of the item:
  • Gift Cards ($50+)
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Travel & Life Experiences
  • Health / Spa / Beauty Care
  • Outdoor & Backyard Items
  • Clothing / Fashion / Jewelry
  • Appliances & Home Décor Items
  • Power Tools / Lawn Mowers / Snow Blowers
  • Sporting Event Tickets & Memorabilia / Anything Golf Related
As in the past, tools to assist members will be provided, and again this year, these will be sent digitally to keep things simple for members:
  • Tip Sheet
  • 2021 Customizable Sample Letter of Request
  • 2021 Sponsorship Form
  • 2021 Donor & Item Information Form
  • 2020 List of Auction Items by Donor
In addition to soliciting sponsors and products members can assist with promotion of the event by:
  • Sending emails with link to the Auction Site to colleagues, friends, family
  • Distributing the Auction Promotion business cards to colleagues, family, friends, service providers, store owners, strangers . . .
  • Placing a lawn sign on their lawn or at their business/office location
  • Participating in the Sign Blitz on Saturday, October 23, 9:00 a.m.
After Neil’s presentation President DeCoo announced that we have been given two Maple Leaf sweaters signed by Auston Mathews and Morgan Rielly which should be very popular in the auction and bring in in excess of $1,000 each!

Closing Remarks & Reminders

Reminder was provided about the next meeting on Sept 13th. 
Aug 30, 2021 7:00 PM
Online Auction Kick Off
Sep 06, 2021
Labour Day Celebration
Sep 13, 2021 12:00 PM
RAWEF - Rotary African Women's Education Fund - Uganda student recipients speak to us live
Sep 20, 2021
Committee Meetings to be Scheduled by Committee Chairs
Sep 21, 2021 6:30 PM
In person at the Edelweiss Tavern - members only - registered event
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