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March 8, 2021

Meeting Recording

A recording of today’s meeting can be found here: Link to meeting

President's Comments

President Louise announced that her selection for Rotarian of the Month for March is Darren Sweeney in recognition of all that he does for both the club and the district in the area of technical support and work with our club Foundation.
President Louise let the club know that we received the following thank you letter from KidsAbility:
President Louise Gardiner, Kitchener Rotary Club
We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Rotary!  Through your generosity, your support makes a difference in the lives of children, youth and their families. Thank you!
Last year, with the Rotary's commitment, 11,297 children and youth with special needs received life­ changing therapy and supports, essential equipment, and assistance for their families. With your investment, kids are growing the confidence and independence to realize goals important to them - like Carter relearning to walk, Jackson writing his name and Greyson speaking for the first time.
Rotary helps make brighter futures happen! With gratitude,
Lisa Talbot Executive Director, KidsAbility Foundation
Here are some reminders, for full details see President Louise’s weekly email from last Sunday.
St-Paw-Tricks Day – In Support of the Humane Society of KW
Are you looking to support the Humane Society? Check out their newest fundraiser - St-Paw-tricks Day - (this one's for you Jim Brown)
Join their first ever Virtual Beer Tasting event on Saturday, March 13th in support of the Humane Society!
We've joined paws with some local breweries to bring you a fun St. Patrick's Day themed beer-tasting event! What better way to help animals in need while supporting local business.
Luck of the Irish Whiskey Tasting
Kitchener Westmount Rotary is holding an online St. Patrick's Day (March 17th - 7:30pm) event $40.  If you are interested in attending please send me an email and I will assist in the registration.
The Culinary Studio Online Cooking Class
Kitchener Grand River Rotary is holding an online cooking class (Wednesday, April 7th at 5pm) $90.  If you are interested in attending please send me an email and I will assist in the registration
International Women's Day 2021 
President Louise noted that today is International Women's Day. How will you help forge a gender equal world?  Celebrate women's achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.
To learn more about International Women's Day visit


Tara Bedford, Director of Immigration Partnerships, Region of Waterloo – Guest Speaker
Tracey Hare Connell, Past President, Guest of President Louise
Ailton Santana, guest of President Louise and Mike Morrice

Visiting Rotarians

Elena Shpinel, RC of Moscow International

Happy Jar

David Martindale is happy to have his appointment booked for his COVID-19 vaccination shot later this week.
President Louise is pleased that husband, and double lung transplant patient, Graham will be getting his vaccination shot today!
Elena Shpinel is pleased that Chicopee Ski Hill is open and that she has been able to get out skiing with her grandchildren.
Tracey Hare Connell was very pleased to be with us today and to be back among friends, even if it was just virtually.

Club Announcements

The Board has approved the Membership application for Alex Lubczuk as a corporate member with WalterFedy.  His classification will be Project Management & Planning Analyst.  Anyone who has any concerns related to this application needs to indicate so in writing to the club Secretary, Bill Proctor, no later than March 18.

Catch the Ace

Paul Rostrup was happy that the Catch the Ace jackpot is now over $15,000. With only 27 cards left to choose from, the odds of seeing the Ace of Spades is getting better. The next weekly draw is on March 11th. 

Program Highlights

Our presenter today was Tara Bedford from the Immigration Partnership of Waterloo Region and was introduced by past member Tracey Hare Connel:
Tara Bedard works with The Regional Municipality of Waterloo as Executive Director of the Waterloo Region Immigration Partnership. There, she leads regional learning, planning and action on immigration among a collaboration of over 110 residents and community service, business, post-secondary and municipal partner organizations. Previously, she was a senior leader responsible for research, policy development and communications with a European public interest law organization, working closely with United Nations, European Union and Council of Europe institutions as well as national governments to advance social policy. She has extensive experience in social research, policy analysis and development, government relations, community development and engagement.
Here are some highlights from Tara’s presentation: Building Community Through Immigration
Beneficial Impacts:
  • Population and economic growth
  • Entrepreneurship and job creation
  • Charitable giving and volunteerism
  • Arts, culture, community and more
  • Immigration Pillars:
  • Economic contribution
  • Family reunification
  • Humanitarian protection (refugees)
Federal Government Three Pillars of Selection:
  • Economic – Will the immigrant provide an economic benefit to Canada?
  • Family Reconciliation – Does the immigrant have relatives currently in Canada?
  • Security – Does the immigrant currently live at risk to their live and health
Immigration by the Numbers
  • From approx. 25% to 40% of total population in next 15 years
  • Around 4,300 new permanent residents in 2019
  • From approx. 5,000-34,000 temporary residents annually, 2012-2018
Immigration and the Pandemic:
  • Permanent immigration down over 35% in 2020
  • Disproportionate COVID incidence, job loss and isolation
Federal Response:
  • New immigration targets post pandemic (1.2m new arrivals 2021-2023)
  • Priority to transition temporary residents to permanent
The vison of the Immigration Partnership is "That each immigrant will reach their full potential & contribute to creating & sustaining a thriving, prosperous community."
What we Know
  • 1/3 of the population is not supportive of immigration; employers express many barriers to hiring immigrants
  • Immigrants tend to be younger, more diverse, have bigger families and different living patterns
  • Most are highly educated and speak English
  • Disproportionately un/under-employed; especially racialized women
  • Work more than 20 years on average to reach median income levels
  • Have declining health the longer they live in Canada
Trends and influences in the coming years…
  • Immigration will drive economy (in part) and labour force growth
  • Ongoing economic, social and other impacts of the pandemic
  • High unemployment and future or work and learning will impact immigrant employment
  • Potential for growing anti-immigrant sentiment
  • Significant temporary resident growth and transitions
  • Global connectedness and competition
The Immigration Partnership works through 4 key elements:
To provide community leadership and amplify the work of the Steering Groups:
  1. Champion advocacy and engage elected officials, systems and policy leaders
  2. 2. Build awareness of the Immigration Partnership and beneficial impact of immigration
  3. 3. Lead collaborative learning and community education
  4. 4. Break down silos within the Partnerships and the community for immigrant and community success
  1. Develop communication tools and strategies to simplify service systems and pathways for immigrants
  2. Brand “settlement” and drive collaboration and innovation within the sector
  3. Leverage service providers and planning tables as effective immigrant supports through strong relationships and collaboration
  4. Activate networks of private stakeholders in serving immigrants
  1. Develop campaigns and tools to market the value proposition and economic contribution of immigrants to employers
  2. Foster cohesive service to employers and immigrants job-seekers across sectors and talents
  3. Engage networks of employers to hire and retain immigrants
  4. Collaborate with leaders and organizations (public, private and not-for-profit) leaders to foster immigrant attraction, employment and entrepreneurship
  1. Build connections, capacity, and civic engagement among ethno-cultural groups to increase immigrant influence in policy making and social connectedness
  2. Work with municipalities and other public sector partners as leaders and advocates to strengthen immigrant welcoming, inclusion and engagement
  3. Increase public support for immigration, and action to address racism, discrimination and foster immigrant belonging through campaigns and initiatives
  4. Collaborate with systems and community tables and leaders

Closing Remarks & Reminders

Thank you to Tara Bedard. In recognition of her work, a donation will be made to The Rotary Foundation to provide for polio immunization of 100 children.
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